CDI Composite Manufacturing Equipment &
On-Demand Materials Solutions

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On-Demand Materials Manufacturing for Composite Parts Makers

  • Low-cost in-house and on-demand Prepreg manufacturing capabilities for small and mid-market composite part makers
  • R&D and production opportunities for creating proprietary composite materials that are lower in cost and immediately available
  • Increased control of composite material supply lines and production lead times

On-Demand Towpreg Opportunities for Materials Manufacturers

When compared to in-house filament winding:

  • Higher resin quality control (1% to 2% consistency vs. 10%)
  • 300% faster winding speed for increased output rate
  • Stronger supply chain control
  • Lower scrap rate (2% vs.10%)
  • 25% to 30% weight reduction
  • A wider range of product and manufacturing opportunities

CDI Product Lines

  • Lab and production Towpreg Machines
  • Production hot melt and aqueous capable Prepreg Machines
  • Full-range of Slitting Machines
  • Full Tubular Structure production lines and support equipment
  • Carbon Tape Placement machines

2,500+ Personalized System Implementations to Date

Century Design, Inc. (CDI) has been an industry leader in global composite technology for over 60 years with over 2,500 machines being installed globally and over 200 new companies launched.


Aerospace & Defense  ·  Wind Power  ·  Materials Processing  ·  Sports & Recreation  ·  Medical  ·  Marine  ·  Industrial  ·  Automotive  ·  Ducting & Hoses  ·  Oil & Gas  ·  Research & Development  ·  Resin Development  ·  Tubular Structures

In-House Solutions for Small & Mid-Market Composite Makers

CDI has designed a lab scale line for Towpreg and Prepreg that provides research and development users production accurate machines to ensure tighter, more consistent results, that generate faster, more accurate material and resin processing data, that is fully scalable to larger production lines.