Cost comparison of Filament Winding vs TowPreg

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Cost Element
Tank weight (kg)
Cost of Carbon Fiber ($/Kg)
Cost of Epoxy resin ($/Kg)
Resin content (%)
Cost of filament winding materials ($/Kg)
Total Filament winding matls used ($)
Filament winding
Purchasing TowPreg
On Demand TowPreg
Cost of purchased TowPreg ($/Kg)
Total TowPreg Purchased ($)
Material Cost($/Tank)

Material reduction (%)

Material savings ($/Tank)

Productivity increase (%)

employee costs ($/Tank)
Labor cost reductions ($/Tank)
Total cost reduction for using TowPreg ($/Tank)
Overall Cost Impact compared to Filament winding

Additional items with cost Impact
1. Value of Developing and Controlling resin IP
2. Developing enhanced resin systems for strength, performance and production efficiencies
3. Reduction in capital expenditures due to increased output
4. Improved part quality with non-solvated systems
5. Reduced hazardous materials waste stream and oversight
6. Improved working environment

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