On-Demand PrePreg

Exclusively from Century Design, Inc.

A Revolutionary PrePreg Sourcing Solution
for Parts Makers

CDI proudly presents an engineering innovation designed to give parts makers direct control of their PrePreg supply line — capable of meeting even the tightest product specifications at the lowest possible cost. Learn how CDI’s complete On-Demand PrePreg Manufacturing solution can deliver both quality and value.
Century Design On-Demand PrePreg

Immediate Materials Savings Opportunities

The numbers simply don’t lie. Use our On-Demand PrePreg Savings Calculator below to see cost savings from producing your own PrePreg materials versus sourcing from 3rd party vendors.
Century Design On-Demand PrePreg

Gain Supply Line Control and Independence 

Stop competing with bigger companies that influence your supplier’s product capabilities and schedules. On-Demand PrePreg delivers independence from the ‘middle man’ and gives you complete supply line control.

Century Design On-Demand PrePreg
Complete Material Production Solution
From complimentary feasibility analysis to make sure On-Demand PrePreg is right for you, customized configuration, to complete training and implementation, CDI works with you every step of the way.

On-Demand PrePreg Savings Calculator

CDI has been in business for nearly 50 years producing large-scale equipment for composites manufactures and materials suppliers all over the world. We’ve applied our years of experience to develop a simple calculator that enables you to test real opportunities for immediate savings by transitioning from 3rd party materials sourcing to in-house On-Demand PrePreg production.

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