CDI Case Studies

Over the last 60 years, CDI has worked with thousands of customers, from all over the world, providing them with composite machines and technology that have helped them grow their business. In every case, we worked with them to create a personalized solution, that overcame challenges, improved business models, and often gave them more than they initially thought possible. Below, are a few case studies that give a glimpse of these real-life examples:


Special Requirements That Looked Like a Dead End

NEED: The customer came to us trying to find a TowPreg machine that would accommodate a very special fiber processing requirement. This was crucial to them securing a major contract, and they had not been able to find another company that could satisfy this requirement.

SOLUTION: We spent several hours talking through the specifics of the requirement, their tolerance and most importantly … what they were ultimately trying to accomplish. Initially, we tested these fiber processing requirements on one of our TowPreg machines and confirmed what other companies had found – it wasn’t going to work. Then, we made some adjustments to one of our prototype On-Demand Prepreg machines, did some proof testing, and … it worked.

RESULT: Because of our new technology, we were able to give our customer a solution to their unique requirements; which allowed them to secure the major contract.


Should We Take The Risk and Automate?

NEED: The customer had been using their tried and true hand-processed material for many successful years, but that success was now translating into more demand than they could keep up with. The challenge was, no one was able to offer them an automated solution that would increase volumes without increasing risk – especially with corresponding operations requirements, and lack of control over specifications.

SOLUTION: We sat down with their Processing Engineer, and found out what their immediate and long term volumes were, what their operational capabilities were, and what their specification requirements were. We created a personalized prototype test program to show how our new technology, with slight adjustments to one of our machines, would perform under their requirements. They were thrilled with the results.

RESULT: We were able to provide them with a custom machine that mitigated their risks, gave them operational integrity, and actually reduced their expected machine cost.


A Short Pot Life Doesn’t Cut It

NEED: The customer, a filament winding company making downhole products for the oil & gas industry, needed to source a resin that would meet a high spec requirement. Unfortunately, they had been unable to find anyone who could meet the requirements, nor anyone who could even understand the dynamics of their very specific need.

SOLUTION: After an initial discussion, we were able to show the customer that their requirement would result in an unacceptable short pot life that would be very difficult to process. Digging deeper into their needs and circumstances, and adjusting the processes on one of our new machines, we were able to develop an on-demand resin system that allowed them to work within the reduced pot life requirements associated with batch mixing. Finally, they had the solution they were looking for.

RESULT: We were able to significantly lower their costs, improve their processing time, reduce the storage of their material requirements, enhance their handling and logistics demands, and allow them to move their processing conveniently closer to their clients’ oil rigs.

In-House Solutions for Small & Mid-Market Composite Manufacturers

CDI has designed a lab scale line for Towpreg and Prepreg that provides research and development users production accurate machines to ensure tighter, more consistent results, that generate faster, more accurate material and resin processing data, that is fully scalable to larger production lines.