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September 04, 2013

CDI showcases new Horizontal Tape Placement Machine
at China Composites 2013

4th September 2013, San Diego, USA – CDI (Century Design Inc.), the leading global supplier of prepreg machines and specialist composites processing equipment, is exhibiting at the Beijing China Composites Expo 2013, Booth L02. CDI’s participation expands the launch of its new M777 Horizontal Tape Placement Machine at JEC Composites this year.

The M777 offers precision tape placement on small to large diameter straight and tapered mandrels. A specially designed placement head controls both the tension of the tape while advanced, fully programmable control systems direct accurate positioning on the mandrel. This ensures that consistent, high quality tubular components are produced every time with push-button convenience.

Produced in response to customer demands for improving manufacturing processes for tubular structures, the M777 is useful for making golf shafts, fishing rods, bike frames and tubular struts. Replacing rolling or filament winding, the machine promises better results by reducing the effects of ply drop-off and variable resin-content. The M777 is also capable of winding on simple compound-angle mandrels, enhancing its versatility.

Utilizing mandrels up to 152mm in diameter, the M777 processes a broad range parts using a variety of composite raw materials. It wraps both Prepreg (unidirectional and fabric) and thin film tapes dispensed from the same tension head. This allows parts to be completed up to the curing-stage on the same machine - . eliminating time-consuming and costly secondary operations.

In addition, CDI is showcasing its “Prepreg On-Demand” concept, along with the new small-production prepreg machine, the CD6015. A fully-operational CD6015 is installed at ATA Carbon Fiber Tech’s facilities in Guangzhou.

Along with the CD6015 and the “Prepreg On-Demand” concept, CDI offers its “Total Integration Program” (TIP), a comprehensive program for bringing on-site prepreg technology to user facilities. Customers taking advantage of this offering gain full-control of prepreg supply and quality while cutting costs up to 40%.

CDI continues to innovate and grow, and appearing at China Composites 2013 illustrates continuing significant customer interest in CDI’s machines and the company’s business network expansion in China.

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